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Articles by John McCracken

John McCracken is a Green Bay, Wisconsin journalist. Raised in East Tennessee, he has a keen interest in how climate change is impacting water, agriculture and culture. His work has appeared in The Midwest Center for Investigative Reporting, Sierra Magazine, Great Lakes Now, Belt Magazine, and more. He can be reached via email at [email protected] or on Twitter @jmcjmc451.

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Tucker Carlson spent years denying, deflecting, and sowing doubt on climate change to his 3.4 million nightly viewers.

His program was the most popular on Fox New and he spent his nights spewing misogynistic, racist, and bizarre rants. Carlson, who began his role as host of Tucker Carlson Tonight in 2016, also obsessively waged a war on guests who talked about climate change, from scientists to protestors. 

While court documents and his first public appearance since he was abruptly fired earlier this week point towards Carlson’s and his peers’ full awareness that they knew they were lying to the public, the damage is still real.

From airing conspiracy theories about the government forcing people to eat bugs or inviting guests on air to talk about shrinking people to stop carbon footprints, here are some of his more memorable moments. 

“In the hands of Democratic politicians, climate change is like systemic racism in the sky,” Carlson said after Western lawmakers linked 2020 wildfires to climate chan... Read more

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